Approved Disclosure Settlements Post-Trulia

NOTE:  As of June 26, 2018, I am no longer updating the list of cases in this post. Events of the last month have clarified trends in mergers and acquisitions litigation since the Delaware Court of Chancery’s decision in In re Trulia, Inc. Stockholders Litigation, 129 A.3d 884 (Del. Ch. 2016).  Cornerstone Research revealed that…


Cornerstone Research Releases Report on Legal Challenges to M&A Deals

M&A Deal Litigation Falls in Delaware, Nationwide Cornerstone Research has released Shareholder Litigation Involving Acquisitions of Public Companies–Review of 2015 and 1H 2016 M&A Litigation.  The headline conclusion is that last year–for the first time since 2009–less than 90 percent of M&A deals valued over $100 million were subject to shareholder litigation.  In the first half of…


New Jersey Court Rejects Disclosure-Only Settlement

Margrave Law, together with Webber McGill LLC, successfully represented a stockholder objector in a challenge to a disclosure only M&A settlement before the Superior Court of the State of New Jersey for Union County. On June 6, 2016, the New Jersey court held that none of the supplemental disclosures offered as consideration to stockholders were…


Cornerstone Research: Securities class actions on the rise, fueled by M&A-related class actions

Last week, Cornerstone Research published Securities Class Actions Filings–2016 Midyear Assessment. The report describes a surge in federal securities class action filings, which rose 17 per cent between the last half of 2015 and the first half of 2016.  Much of the increase has been driven by class actions involving mergers and acquisitions. ‘At the current…