Complex commercial litigation requires attention to detail, strategic thinking, and the ability to meet a client’s needs in a maelstrom of changing events. Margrave Law focuses not only on success at trial, but on reaching the best possible result for the client through creative solutions, including alternative dispute resolution or negotiated settlements.

Because complex commercial litigation often takes place on an expedited schedule, clients need counsel who can respond quickly. Such litigation is unavoidably costly, but Margrave Law mitigates client expenses through experience and the efficient use of technology.

Margrave Law can assist clients in a range of commercial matters such as fiduciary duty litigation, contract disputes, trade secret claims and employment disputes. The firm has experience handling cases before both state and federal courts, including the Delaware Court of Chancery.

If you would like to discuss your complex commercial matter, please contact the firm.

Representative Matters

    • Representation of public and private business entities and directors in defense of shareholder class actions, derivative claims and disputes arising out of federal securities law.
    • Representation of corporations in defense of appraisal actions.
    • Representation of corporations in employment disputes, including enforcement of non-competition provisions in employment contracts.
    • Representation of corporate directors and officers seeking advancement of litigation expenses.
    • Representation of shareholders alleging oppression by majority shareholders in corporate restructurings or sales.


Clients engaged in complex commercial litigation need experienced counsel adept at swiftly responding to changing circumstance without sacrificing strategic judgment or work quality.